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Saturday, January 31, 2004
I love L.A  
For anyone not in Southern California: It's January. I am driving in my car. The windows are rolled down. The sunroof is open. The skies are blue. The sunlight gently warms my face. Just thought I'd let you know.

Sunday, January 25, 2004
So bored..  
Desperately tried to get work done this weekend. It was very difficult, considering that I couldn't concentrate on the boring readings for more than one minute before my mind started wandering on to other more interesting subjects, like the Ben and J. Lo breakup, what's going to happen on the next episode of 24, and if I'm going to try a new brownie recipe for SuperBowl Sunday. You know, important stuff.

Missed out on our Challenge 4 Charity auction. I wanted to bid on some tennis lessons, but couldn't stand twiddling my thumbs at school for the 5 hours between classes and the auction. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to remain the "bad" player at our weekly tennis get-togethers. People who are bad like me are very useful when you're playing with people whose skills run the gamut. When I'm paired with really good players, I totally bring the team DOWN to a new level. Hey, I can't help it if I'm a good person and am just doing my part to even the playing field.

I had to do some restocking at home this weekend, so I went to Target, one of my favorite shopping spots. Apparently, they felt the need to decorate the place so you would be bombarded with "Valentine's Day Is Coming" messages at every turn. Valentine's Day is a not a good day...for me, at least. Why, you ask? Well, I usually get a large box of chocolates from someone in the family who feels sorry for me and my single status. And let's face it, when a large box of chocolates is sitting in front of you and everyone else is out with their significant others, it's pretty hard to resist stuffing your face. So I eat, get a sugar high, and then get whacked by a sudden bout of depression when I realize that I've just consumed a pound of chocolate. I know, my eating abilities never cease to astound. I'm talented like that. But if you're reading this, you already know I've got mad skills, so you really shouldn't be that surprised.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
I have no motivation to do anything. I am already behind in my classes. If I were an animal (other than a human), I would be a sloth. I'm already exhausted from expending this much effort to write this entry. I think I'll nap now.

Saturday, January 17, 2004
Back to School  
Winter break has ended. School has started. I'm tired.

My team was "lucky" enough to be assigned a presentation during the first week of class. It was hard completing an operational analysis of a firm when we only had three days of operations class, but we managed to crank out something decent. We even got the professor to say that our presentation was pretty good. I'm glad that's done with, since this next term looks like a toughie...and I need to start focusing on the internship search.

Friday, January 09, 2004
The Germans Know Their Music  
P$ sent me a link to a movie I had seen before when I was still working. It's awesome. To see it, click here.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Are You Feeling It? I am..  
Akash got us together for some tennis this morning. I had planned on working out every day of winter break, but this was actually the first day I'd done anything remotely active. And now I am suffering the consequences. On the way home from school, I stopped to get gas. My brain, unaware of my physical condition, told my body to get out of the car normally, and when my body tried to comply, I almost fell on my face when pain shot up my leg. Now I can no longer walk...I just hobble. A specimen of physical perfection I am not.

Friday, January 02, 2004
A New Year, A New Entry  
Got my haircut today. It looks pretty good...but then again, everything looks pretty good on me. Yep. That's about all I did today. Hmmm...(twiddling my thumbs, trying to think of something to write)....

Oh yeah! Here's a site you might enjoy: Some of the cartoons I like on this site (which you can access by clicking on 'Toons > Features > Strong Bad E-mail) can be found here. I strongly suggest you check out "dragon," "techno," and "japanese cartoon."

Thursday, January 01, 2004
Happy New Year, Everybody! Time for a Fresh Start  
Another year...another clean slate. Pablo's friends Stacey and Dave had a New Year's Eve party, and P invited several of us Marshallites. YJ, Akash, Shimizu, Angie, and I all brought our friends, and we had a good time just hanging out. There was a lot of food and alcohol available, and I may have partaken more of both than I am accustomed to. When he saw my condition after a wine cooler, a shot of tequila, several sips of Angie's moonshine (red wine, lemon juice, tonic, and sugar), and some champagne, Shimizu declared that I was "useless." Now, some may say that I "passed out" around 1:00 AM or so, but I maintain that I "voluntarily went to sleep in my clothes" because I was too lazy to get my pajamas from my car. You can choose to believe whomever you want, but really, if you had to trust me or Shimizu, you'd obviously choose me. C'mon now, let's be real.

The next morning, YJ, Akash, and JT (Tran, not Timberlake) came to P's once again to watch the USC Trojans defeat the Michigan Wolverines at the Rose Bowl. P was hurting from the previous night's revelry (I hear there is photographic evidence of him with his personal bottle of champagne), but improved later in the day, just in time to prepare a tostada bar for us. We had waffles for breakfast and tostadas for lunch. Mmmm...pretty good way to start the new year, I think.

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